Russia, welcome to sendvalu

From now on you can send money to Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Tajikistan.

Sendvalu has expanded its service. We have encountered some setbacks along the way, but have been able to find innovative solutions to many of those problems. The Swiss are renowned for their persistence when it comes to finding creative ways to reinvent the wheel. Sendvalu is always ready to meet the needs of its customers and when we promise to do something, it is as good as said and done. In response to a large number of requests, we have now a total of 12,000 new payout stations in Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Tajikistan.

“Do something good and share the benefits". For each money transfer, we donate 10 cents to the Non-Violence Project (NVP) to inspire, motivate and engage young people against violence. You can help us by sharing the great news with friends and family on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Do you have any questions about our services? Our customer support team is more than happy to help you via Skype or by email to