Give your friends in the Philippines a piece of happiness

Sticky rice, tarsiers and karaoke – the Philippines are a country full of diversity. Tourists and locals alike appreciate the diversity and enjoy the little things that make life there so beautiful.

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The Philippines – a paradise under palm trees

Over 36,000 kilometers of coastline, powdery sandy beaches and untouched nature as far as the eye can see: these are the Philippines! The fifth largest island state in the world (after Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Japan) is home to 106 million people. The country consists of 7641 islands. Only about 880 of them are inhabited. Some of the islands are among the most densely populated in the world. However, the largest part of the Philippines is untouched by man and is home to an infinite variety of flora and fauna.

The biodiversity is immense. Hardly any other place in the world offers so many different species a home in such a small space. In the numerous nature reserves new species of animals and plants are discovered again and again. So far there are over 5000 animal and insect species and 14,000 different plants. Also the coral reefs and numerous diving areas invite to discover.

Maki Philippines

The forces of nature in the Philippines

There are currently 20 active volcanoes on the islands, and the country is also close to one of the deepest sea trenches on earth. It is therefore not surprising that the Philippines is often shaken by seaquakes or tsunamis.

The tropical climate and the proximity to the coast (no place is more than 200 km away from the coast) contribute to the fact that typhoons and tropical storms rage all year round, which bring large amounts of rain and devastation over the country.

The Philippines is estimated to be one of the countries that will suffer most from the effects of climate change. The probability of the island state falling victim to a natural disaster is particularly high by global standards. In 2011, the Philippines was ranked third on the list of vulnerable countries. Natural disasters such as tsunamis or storms often leave a trail of devastation behind. Reconstruction costs a lot of money. Support family or friends now: send money to the Philippines easily with sendvalu.

Beach Philippines

What are the people like in the Philippines?

The inhabitants of the Philippines are called Filipinos and are a very hospitable, friendly and helpful people. Family and relationships with friends are very important to them. The Filipino culture is strongly influenced by community spirit. As a tourist or immigrant you will quickly find a connection to the Philippines. The people of the Philippines are in a good mood and enthusiastic about welcoming everyone into their midst.

It is therefore no surprise that in the Philippines one often hears the invitation to eat together. After all, where better to forge social ties than at a richly laid dining table? The main food is undisputedly rice. It is often served for breakfast and is a part of almost every dish. Vegetables, fish or meat are usually served with rice. In contrast to the surrounding Asian states, the dishes in the Philippines are rather mildly seasoned. The Spanish, Chinese and American influences are unmistakable and contribute to the culinary diversity of the archipelago.

The Filipinos and Social Media

Although the Internet speed in the Philippines is among the slowest in the world, Filipinos are incredibly social-media-affine. Many use the Internet to share news with family and friends. Filipino guest workers from all over the world are the main cultivators of friendships and contact with their families who have stayed at home. Filipinos all over the world like to use online providers like sendvalu to transfer money to the Philippines.

Food Philippines

Education and language

The inhabitants of the Philippines speak more than 180 languages and dialects. The national and official language is Filipino, English is also the second official language and the main language in education and business. This is due to the influence of the USA, which was a colonial power for 50 years before Philippine independence. The majority of Filipinos today grow up bilingual. This proves to be a great advantage for the population, as people work mainly in the tourism and service sectors.

More than 5 million Filipinos are employed in the tourism sector alone. In the service sector, the locals mainly work as drivers, cleaners or nannies – in many cases for immigrants from all over the world.

Happiness abroad

Worldwide, more than 12 million Filipinos work abroad, which is about 11% of the total population of the island state. Most of them live only temporarily abroad in order to be able to support their families at home through better earning opportunities. Would you like to support your family and friends? Transferring money to the Philippines is easy with sendvalu.

Many leave the islands forever in order to turn their backs on the bad living conditions and take advantage of greater career opportunities as engineers, doctors or nurses. Abroad, significantly higher wages are tempting. More than one million Filipino citizens leave their country every year. Most of them work in the USA (about 5 million) – their monthly payments to their home countries represent an important economic factor.

Training to a high standard

The pursuit of a higher standard of living begins during training. Working at night, university in the morning: for many Filipino students, this is everyday life. While studying, they work in call centers, for example, to earn enough money for their families and their degrees. Because education means a better job and a way out of poverty.

The Philippines is one of the countries with the lowest illiteracy rate in the world. Those who can afford to attend school and university receive an excellent education. Many young, well-educated Filipinos hope that this will provide them with promising career opportunities, especially abroad. Once they have managed to gain a foothold abroad, many Filipinos support their families at home. With an online service provider like sendvalu, money can be transferred to the Philippines quickly and cheaply.

Send money to the Philippines

What is the average monthly wage in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the average monthly wage is about 290 dollars. But life there is much cheaper than in our country. A small meal at a snack stand usually does not cost more than 1 dollar. Also most restaurants are inexpensive. For a bigger menu, one pays at most 4 to 6 dollars.

It looks different with costs that go beyond the things of the daily need. The additional costs (electricity, heating, air conditioning, water, garbage) for an apartment with 85 m² amount on average to around 110 dollars. This is a large proportion of the low monthly wage.

Therefore Filipinos are often dependent on financial support. Many family members and friends all over the world support their loved ones with regular money transfers. To send money to the Philippines therefore means to provide a bit more quality of life for many people.

Health care and lack of doctors

Health care in the Philippines is a sensitive issue. As work abroad is tempting, the number of doctors in the Philippines is steadily decreasing. And many hospitals are in poor condition due to lack of financial resources.

Although over 60% of the population is covered by statutory health insurance, this only guarantees basic care. Only just under half of the population has access to medical care, although treatment is free. Medicines have to be paid for themselves. Many Filipinos cannot afford health care or are dependent on financial support from family and friends who transfer money to the Philippines from all over the world.

What can your friends afford from a money transfer?

It depends on the little things in life. Already with an amount of 5 to 45 dollar you can give your loved ones in the Philippines a small piece of happiness. Send money today with sendvalu – it’s easy, fast and unbeatable cheap!

How about a trip to the nightlife after a long working day? The countless clubs and bars are very popular, especially if there is a karaoke. For only 1 dollar you can enjoy a freshly tapped beer. Those who prefer to be active and keep in shape, pay about 34 dollars per month for the gym.

An excursion to the neighbouring city costs only 15-30 cents for a one-way trip, a monthly ticket only about 10 dollars. Would you like to make it possible for your friends and family to have regular contact via social media? With about 45 dollars you can already support them with the costs for the internet.

Send money to your loved ones

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Send money easily via sendvalu

From which countries can I send money to the Philippines?

You can send money to the Philippines from almost any country in the world, e.g. from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but also from countries like the USA, India, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Canada, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia and many more.

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