Find the best way to send money to Ghana.

There are a number of ways to send money to your loved ones in Ghana. Mobile money, bank transfer or cash payout. Not sure which is right for you and your recipient? Then find out here what the advantages of each method are and how they work.

Questions upon questions

There are several methods to transfer money to Ghana, each with advantages and disadvantages. What do you need to transfer money? How exactly does the transfer work? Where does the money go and where can the recipient pick it up? Before the first transfer, there are many questions which we would like to answer in this article.

You already know which method you want to use for your money transfer to Ghana? Then start now and send money to Ghana easily and securely with sendvalu.

Find your way to send money to Ghana

Find your way

With sendvalu, you can choose between three different methods to send money in USD to your loved ones in Ghana. With Mobile Money, you can send money to your recipient’s mobile phone quickly and directly. With Bank Transfer, you send money to your recipient’s bank account, who can manage the money from there. With the Cash Pickup method, your recipient in Ghana can collect their money in cash at one of 635 pickup locations.

Do you already know which of these methods of payment you want to use? Then get started now and send money to your loved ones in Ghana.

Easy, fast, Mobile Money

Mobile Money – Fast money transfer to a mobile phone

Many people think sending money via Mobile Money is difficult and complicated. But on the contrary, you can send money to Ghana in a short time and with just a few resources. To receive money, your recipient needs a mobile phone and a mobile wallet. All you need is to send them money is a sendvalu account. The advantage is not only the simplicity of the process, but also the speed of the transfer. On average, it only takes a few hours for the money to reach your recipient. Since the money is sent directly to their mobile phone without any detours, your recipient doesn’t have to worry about the opening hours of withdrawal offices or bank branches anymore.

Mobile Money Transfer with Sendvalu

How do I send money to a mobile wallet in Ghana?

The whole transfer process consists of three easy steps: Enter transfer details, enter recipient details and enter your own payment details.

After you have created an account or logged in, click the “SEND MONEY” button at the top right of the dashboard to start a transaction.

In the first step, you enter all the details of your transfer. If you want to send money to a mobile wallet, it is important to select “Mobile Money” on this page.

On the next page, enter all the details about your recipient. Make sure you enter your recipient’s mobile phone number correctly. Check the data carefully, because it is difficult to retrieve money that was sent to the wrong mobile wallet.

On the last page, enter your account details – if you haven’t already done so – and you’re done!

Your €3 voucher for transactions to Ghana – valid until 03.03.2021

We give you a €3 discount on your next money transfer to Ghana. This voucher is valid up to and including 03 March 2021 – for money transfers to Ghana and once per customer, minimum transaction value: 60 €/$. Simply enter the code GHANA1 when making your transfer.

Banktransfer to Ghana

Bank transfer – send money securely to an account

We have already established that Mobile Money is a quick and easy payment method. But about 42% of all Ghanaians have a bank account and use it regularly for bank transfers. The advantage with this method is that your money is sent directly to the recipient’s bank account and can be managed from there. Unlike cash pick-up, they do not have to deposit the money first, but can use it directly from their bank account.

The steps to send money to a bank account in Ghana hardly differ from those of a Mobile Money transfer. Register at or log back in with your existing account and click on the “SEND MONEY” button at the top right. In the next screen, simply select Bank transfer as the transfer method and fill in all the needed information. In the next step, enter your recipient’s details and then your own bank details, if they are not already stored. And you’re done!

Cash payout in Ghana

Cash Pickup – cash payout in Ghana

Another common method of transferring money is cash pickup from one of more than 635 payout offices. This method is great for sending cash quickly to your recipient in Ghana who doesn’t have a bank account or mobile wallet. Although most of the population has a bank account or mobile wallet, some prefer to receive cash.

To send cash, all you need to do is select “Cash Payout” in the first step and follow the same instructions as when transferring via a bank account or mobile money.