7 reasons the AIS Card Cuba rocks!

Need an easier and more affordable option for money transfers to Cuba? Don’t worry, sendvalu has got you covered! Find out more about the AIS Card Cuba.

Faster & easier money transfer to Cuba than ever before!

Looking for an easier and more affordable option for money transfers to Cuba? Don’t worry, sendvalu has got you covered! We’ve got a tip for you that will make transfering money to your loved ones much easier, faster and affordable: The AIS card Cuba. Also called the Cuba Card, the AIS card is a popular way to receive, withdraw and pay money on Cuba. It’s a fee-free debit card that Cuban residents over the age of 16 can get via sendvalu.com or at a local Financiera CIMEX (FINCIMEX) through a simple application. Read on, if you want to know about the 7 reasons why using the AIS card for money transfer to Cuba is the best way to support your loved ones financially!

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1. Easy to get, easy to use – the AIS card Cuba

AIS Cards are so popular on Cuba, it’s likely your family member or loved one will already have one. In case they don’t, it’s never too late to get an AIS card! After all, it’s simply convenient to have and the online application via sendvalu.com is easy, safe and fast. The AIS card can be used as a payment option in most stores on Cuba and even allows the owner to withdraw funds in cash. What’s special about the AIS card is how easy it is to transfer money to it from outside of Cuba. Your recipient will usually have access to the funds within a few hours. This way you can make sure that expenses are covered, even if something comes up short notice.
Fill out the simple online application to get a card for your loved ones on Cuba! It’s easy and free of charge. All they have to do is pick the card up. Within Havanna, the AIS Card is usually ready to be picked up after 5 days at the nearest Financiera CIMEX. (In other cuban provinces it might take up to 15 days until the AIS Card Cuba can be picked up). The Financiera CIMEX (Fincimex) nearest to your family member can also provide the card within 5 to 20 working days.

Your loved one on Cuba already has an AIS card? Top it up with sendvalu.com and send money to your loved ones on Cuba within only a few hours!

2. Money transfer to Cuba – you won’t find a safer way than the AIS Card.

At sendvalu, we work hard to provide you with the most secure money transfer service around. Since the AIS card is one of the safest ways to transfer money to Cuba, we don’t have to hesitate for a second to give our heartfelt sign of approval. Both the AIS card balance and all transactions are always kept 100% confidential and your recipient doesn’t need to have a bank account on Cuba in order to use it.
If that doesn’t convince you to give the AIS card a try, this might: Carrying the AIS card is also a great way to keep your loved ones out of harm’s way. Thanks to this cash-free, convenient payment option, they’ll never have to carry too much cash around with them, keeping them safe from crime.

3. Money transfer in the blink of an eye! AIS money transfer to Cuba within only a few hours.

Expenses never come when you expect them – meaning sometimes you need to send money to your loved one in Cuba fast. Unfortunately, it can often take days for the money to arrive when you use normal cash or bank transfers. Because of this, we really recommend transferring to an AIS card with sendvalu. Transferring money to the AIS card Cuba is simply the fastest way to get your cash to where it needs to be within a few hours. On weekdays the money is credited to your recipient’s card in less than 24 hours, on weekends within 48 hours at most. This means your recipient can usually use the money within 3 to 12 hours of sending it to pay for goods in stores or withdraw money at an ATM. It doesn’t get faster than that!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself how fast you can transfer money to an AIS card by using sendvalu.

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4. Say hello to savings!

Nobody likes it when a huge chunk of money ends up in fees and expenses, instead of where it’s intended to go. Taking money to Cuba can add up, especially in exchange fees. Luckily, sending money to an AIS debit card can really save you some cash. For one thing, there are no fees involved in getting or using the card, so your loved ones can strike monthly payments to the bank from their budget. Thanks to real time exchange rates and fairly calculated, low transfer fees sendvalu offers, sending money to an AIS card is also cheaper for you. We also regularly have special offers for our newsletter subscribers and facebook fans. This way more of your funds arrive where they’re most needed: With your loved ones on Cuba.

5. Great coverage, even in remote areas on Cuba

The nearest payout location is too far from where your loved ones live? Depending on where your recipient lives, having to pick up the transferred money at a payout location can be a hassle, not to mention unsafe! With an AIS card, your loved ones won’t have to go out of their way to get the money from a certain location. Your money will always arrive where it's sent – faster and easier than with a bank transfer and your recipient can use it whenever and wherever they want, from the moment it’s credited to their AIS card. Most stores on Cuba will accept the AIS card as a payment option for goods and services. Cash can be withdrawn from it as well. There are many ATMS, Banks or Cadecas in Cuba that offer this service, allowing your loved ones to access the funds as needed. This makes the AIS card extremely simple and convenient to use.

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6. AIS Card Cuba – makes sure you’re getting your money’s worth

Think transferring money is too expensive to do it every month? Not with sendvalu. It may seem like sending money only a few times a year is sensible in order to avoid high fees but it also makes it hard to budget. Thanks to sendvalu’s affordable services this can be avoided. Our online transaction process is as easy as it is transparent. The AIS card allows you to easily send funds monthly through the simple-to-use online tool. This way managing money is simple and straightforward for you and the loved ones you’re supporting. Additionally, the card can’t be overdrawn like other credit or debit cards, meaning that worries about overdraw fees and other unwanted expenses are a thing of the past. By the way: If you’re planning on sending money to the same recipient on a regular basis, it’s easiest to do it via sendvalu.com. Thanks to our Quick Send option you can select a recipient you’ve sent money to before with a few clicks. This way you don’t have to enter their information all over again – that way a transfer to the AIS Card Cuba is done within a few minutes.

Has it been a while since you’ve sent money to your family and friends on Cuba? Top up their AIS debit card easily and fast with sendvalu!

7. Any questions? The sendvalu customer support is there for you 24/7!

Many transfer services leave many questions unanswered. This is why one of the many advantages of using sendvalu to transfer money to an AIS Cuba card is that you have sendvalu’s service team on your side, should you have questions or concerns and that in six different languages: Spanish, German, English, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Our customer support is happy to help and can assist you with most money transfer questions. You can contact us via email, the sendvalu chat on sendvalu.com, or via our hotline in the language of your choice. All contact details can be found here. We’ve been offering money transfer service to Cuba for years and have answers where other services don’t. If you need more information or are unsure how something works, feel free to ask us! We’re happy to help! The great reviews our customers have left on reviews.io may also answer some of your questions. In addition you’ll find tons of useful information at sendvalu.com.