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Money transfers to the other side of the globe? We know a shortcut: Mobile Money

Mobile Money – it’s what everyone is talking about these days, after all, sending money to a mobile wallet is fast, easy and affordable. We’re sure you’ve heard of it, too, maybe even thought about trying it out? If you’re just entering the conversation, don’t worry, we’ve collected the most important information about this electronic wallet service and compiled it here. Read on, if you want to know why Mobile Money is shaking up the remittance world and why you should try it, too.

Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service, to which you can easily and safely transfer money.

1) Money transfers via my phone? What is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service. This means when you send money to a mobile wallet it can immediately be used by your recipient. It’s safe, easy and fast and basically like sending money directly to their pockets!
All you need to transfer funds to a Mobile Money account via sendvalu is a credit card. The money can then be used to pay bills hand purchase many things, including mobile airtime. It’s easy for your recipient, too: Anybody who owns a phone can set up a mobile wallet. The safe and easy electronic payments make Mobile Money a popular alternative to bank accounts, so it is especially popular in places where banks are few and far between.

You don’t need your own Mobile Money Account to send money to somebody. Use to transfer some cash to a friends mobile wallet.

2) Where can I set up a Mobile Money account?

Getting a Mobile Money account is as easy as a morning stroll to your local mobile telecoms operator. All your recipient needs is a form of identification to set it up and of course a phone. Find a Mobile Money service close by, there are many options to choose from. Most Mobile Money services are offered by local mobile telecoms operators, who have received a license to operate electronic payments services. Some Mobile Money services are offered by banks or other companies. That’s the best part about Mobile Money: With so many operators to choose from, the nearest Mobile Money service provider is likely just around the corner, a few minutes away.

Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service, to which you can easily and safely transfer money.

3) Take banking in your own hands

We all know the hassle of standing in line at the bank or waiting for bank statements in the mail. In areas with poor infrastructure this problem is even worse. Instead of travelling to the nearest bank, which might be miles away, your recipient has the funds you send at their fingertips right away. That way you have peace of mind, knowing that the money you transfer always arrives. Afterall, with Mobile Money, the bank fits in your recipients pocket. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

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4) Don’t let bank transfers give you the runaround!

Sending money through a bank is expensive, time consuming and slow. Luckily, to send money to a mobile wallet via sendvalu, you just need a credit card. This is why Mobile Money offers a great alternative to the traditional way of transfering money. It’s like sending a text message – it’s simple and easy.  That goes for both sender and recipient. To pay a bill or send money to another person, the user simply selects the relevant service from their phone’s Mobile Money menu. In just a few clicks, the whole process is done and you can go about your day.

5) Is Mobile Money really safe?

As Mobile Money is a similar concept to a bank account, funds held in a Mobile Money account are protected by local financial regulations. A record of every transaction and account balance is stored, so even if the phone or SIM card is lost or stolen, the user’s money is kept safe. Additionally, every transaction requires identification in the form of a secret PIN. Mobile Money providers and partners are also required to check the identity of their users – making it much harder for fraudsters and criminals to use these services illegally. When you transfer to or with a Mobile Money account via sendvalu, your data is especially protected, since our safety standards are higher than those of most transfer services.

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6) Mobile Money: The future of money transfers

One thing is for sure: Mobile Money is here to stay. Convenient, fast and safe – that’s how we want the money transfers of the future to be. Thanks to Mobile Money, that vision is already here. When you send money to your loved one’s mobile wallets, they can immediately use them for the things they need. Mobile Money and other electronic wallet services provide a safe infrastructure needed for faster and more secure remittance. The way we manage and use our money is changing and evolving. Let’s evolve with it.

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Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service, to which you can easily and safely transfer money.