Doing good by sending money – our work with the NVP

A sendvalu transaction is so much more than just a money transfer! Why? When you send money with us you’re also donating to the great charity Non-Violence Project. Find out how much good you do each time you press send and transfer money with sendvalu.

Helping others by sending money

Change, happiness and humanity can start with a smile, a great teacher, or even with a single click. At least at sendvalu that’s the case! Each time you send money to a loved one via sendvalu, we donate 10 Cent to the Non-violence Project. The NVP is wonderful charitable organization from Switzerland that really inspires the way we think about our work. Trust us, it'll move you, too!

Read on and find out why supporting this amazing charity is worth it. We are sure you’ll be shocked to see just how much good you set in motion, each time you press “send” on a sendvalu money transfer at

1) What is the Non-Violence Project?

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the mission to inspire, engage and motivate young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence.

Working with them has been nothing short of transformative for us at sendvalu and deeply inspiring. This incredible organization changes lives every day, working with children and young adults to make this world a less violent place.

It’s hard to imagine, what this education means to those receiving it. But the smiles on the children’s faces say it all.
Good thing you don’t really have to change your routine to help make that happen! With each money transfer sendvalu donates 10 ct to the Non-Violence Project. All you have to do is send money via sendvalu and we’ll pass on the blessings.

2) Change starts with the children

Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said: “If you want to change the world, you must start with the children.” This is why the Non-violence Project focuses on education, teaching youngsters to understand how to solve conflicts peacefully. Since 1993 the Non-violence Project has educated and trained more than 8 million students, athletes, teachers, coaches and youth leaders and are aiming to reach one hundred million by 2030. Want to help them reach their goal? Just keep doing what you're doing! Each sendvalu transaction supports the Non-violence Project with a donation of 10 ct. Transfer money now and help boost this amazing cause!

3) Bringing people from all walks of life together

You’re certainly in good company when it comes to supporting the Non-violence Project! Many celebrities have given the project their approval and support, helping it grow and help even more people.

Besides its famous benefactors, like Yoko Ono, Lionel Messi or Ringo Starr, the Non-violence Project is also fervently supported by the business community, and receives governmental aid as well as help from education authorities, sports organizations and private donations. Barack Obama even called NVP “One of the best education programs in the world.” It really shows what can be accomplished when people band together behind a cause! At sendvalu we also believe in building strong partnerships across borders, bringing people across the globe closer with their loved ones. It is a wonderful feeling to support an organization that has the same goal in mind/mission.
Becoming part of this incredible family of supporters is easy, all you have to do is send money via sendvalu. We’ll take care of the rest.

4) Fighting for peace can be fun!

Where can you really connect with young people these days? At the places they hang out! The Non-violence Project goes right to schools, youth clubs and other places where adolescents spend their time. Their initiatives really tap into the interests of these young people. Through art, music, and other creative activities, Non-violence Project workshops become fun, inspiring, motivating and engaging. Pairing education with fun activities encourages students to raise questions themselves, and become reflective and active learners. Especially in places like Uganda, where schooling is not widely available, this support is invaluable. Did you know that you can send money to many african countries via sendvalu?

Try it here and support the Non-violent Project’s amazing initiatives like Schools for Peace in Uganda.

5) From kicking a ball around to becoming future leaders

Having time for play is a luxury we take for granted in the western world, but not all children can partake in this. Many have to work to support their household. This is why the Non-violence Project also works with trainers and coaches to fund active workshops and promote sportsmanship and team activities.

Sports are a great bonding activity for kids, helping them learn to solve problems together and work within a team. By helping these youngsters realize how important it is to rely on each other and build on the strength of the group, the Non-violence Project is using fun and play to shape future leaders and changemakers for a more peaceful tomorrow. Send money and donate via sendvalu. The future will be brighter for it.

6) Doing good can be so easy

We always try to be more than just a company that sends money, because we know you, our customers, want more than that, too. By supporting the Non-Violence Project with each transaction, we’ve made helping others as easy as a click. It’s a great feeling to know that each Cent makes a difference, each tiny donation helps. Let’s build a better, nonviolent tomorrow for all people on earth – one click on the send button at a time.